The Great Ultimate Inevitability…

The Mind, Body, Spirit Experience of Life’s last Journey and Path is the passage of Death, the great Ultimate Reality and Inevitability…..Death( mind) is Simply a Transition( body) to the next Level of Existence( spirit) and the Soul merges with Spirit again untill the next Existence….. This Journey is also referred to as the “ClosureContinue reading “The Great Ultimate Inevitability…”

The Quickening

In these days of Spiritual Enlightenment and Communication technology…Humanity’s “quickening” Consciousness has accelerated at an unprecedented rate….There is an incredible increase in the enlightening processes all over the world….The present prevailing conditions has shifted the Consciousness that is conducive to the Betterment of the Human Race….Humanity has Awakened the Amnesiacs from the great “Sleep” andContinue reading “The Quickening”

Covid A Teacher, A Spiritual Perspective.

I, Minfdully,Gracefully and Compassionately exit 2020 for lesson’s learned in Unity, Appreciation and Harmony with Family, Friends and Community. I Welcome 2021 with a Notch raised in my Consciousness to BECOME Aware and Mindful…2021 is the year of the Ox…We can remove our burdened Yolk and raise another Notch to allow our Sovereignty to HigherContinue reading “Covid A Teacher, A Spiritual Perspective.”

Father Sky and Mother Earth Song

“Through the eyes of the Child of the Universe”. This is a Communing Song dedicated every morning by the Temple Children in our School to honour the Sky and the Earth….After the Greeting we bowed before each other’s Radiance ,with a blessing by saying Nit-Sah! Nit-Sah!..With our little fingers in Mudra position between the thumbContinue reading “Father Sky and Mother Earth Song”

Why I’m Starting This Blog

I am SeriMaha DewiRani Padmini Ibumiriam Avaloniah.….I grew up in a Temple School from 6 to 21 years old.…My Temple School and Family was destroyed in 1970…..After my imprisonment and exile I moved to the US….I have travelled extensively and lived around the World during my youth with my Mentors and Teachers…. I quickly acquiredContinue reading “Why I’m Starting This Blog”

New Age Vampires

In the heyday of the New Age Movement, I made my rounds too at New Age events and gatherings as a Discerned Observer….I came across a table filled with various “enlightened information” by every new age Guru or Guide…..Around these tables stood hungry seekers of Truth….A Cornucorpea of Doughnuts and Granola Bars…..Including the Flies….. TheContinue reading “New Age Vampires”

Healing of Minds.

It is A Conscious and ongoing of being, A Re-Pairing to its Original healthy true Self….It takes Time…..Time is gracious and the greatest Healer……An undertaking of great patience and persistence of enlightening information of Oneself…..With faster information available to us now on our table, we are enabled to move on quicker and can chooseContinue reading “Healing of Minds.”

Dying Oceans

Are the worlds Oceans a worthy habitat for our Sea Animals….Only Death and Destruction awaits,ominously silent……The Ocean and Sea has been invaded and inundated with our pleasure for Excesses and Extravagance……These Indiscretions must not be ignored or exist…..To be precise our trusted Caretakers and Managers……YOU KNOW THIS!!…….A Cruel Imposition on our friends as we declareContinue reading “Dying Oceans”