The Great Ultimate Inevitability…

The Mind, Body, Spirit Experience of Life’s last Journey and Path is the passage of Death, the great Ultimate Reality and Inevitability…..Death( mind) is Simply a Transition( body) to the next Level of Existence( spirit) and the Soul merges with Spirit again untill the next Existence….. This Journey is also referred to as the “Closure of the three Living Doors or Gates”…..”The Nine Gates of Refinement”…..There are many names for this journey….Some confront death with Denial, Fear, Resistance, Doubt, being Unconscious or Conscious, some Knowing, some Ignorant and Clueless……These unfortunate Discarnate Spirit forms separated from their Souls tend to linger in Deaths Limbo, and most live for centuries until rescued if their Calls are heard and answered….Their Souls however, must wait for the next round of Redemption Calls…to continue their Refinement….

The Archaic image of Deaths formidable face and foreboding countenance is from the old paradigm of fear…..What if I told you that the Angel Gabriel has a much more pleasant countenance and that this Angel SMILES!……We have come far from there and it does not serve or benefit our present Consciousness…..We don’t live in those archaic days anymore we are now free from those constraints with a much developed and sophisticated mind.….Death was such a forbidden subject and issue to speak or even face upfront….. Mindsets and Concepts have been innundated with Fear and Miscomprehension perpetuated from Inherited Genetic Misinformation….It is about time we face the facts and confront this life question with intelligence and contemplation at this time and age of advance communication.….Is this not the Age of Aquarius?…..Death must be accepted as an important part of the Living… This knowledge will bring confidence and shift the consciousness around to a better and healtheir perspective….Acknowledging this valuable subject upfront will certainly bring more awareness regardless what level you are on whether far or close or in between, it will be a good Spiritual contemplation for the mind,body,and spirit…..

This Subject is dearly precious and close to the Heart...And your Soul will Sing!..…I promise the more you know and are enlightened you will feel illuminated and truly might even experience Equilibrium leaving you content and a good nights sleep…..It can be illuminating with a pleasant relief for many to have a chance and awareness that will also serve the ignorant, who seek this knowledge and comprehension of Deaths Mystery.....Knowledge is a cure for all Mysteries…

For those in fear de-mystify yourself and actively participate and acknowledge this great “Inevitability”….Start the Comprehension proccess by being informed…..You Know This!.…..What inhibits and overwhelms most people from this essential and valuable information are Misconception and Miscomprehension of the ultimate mystery of Life…….It is the Ultimate Reality, and Passover of the inevitable last journey and by honouring a loved one regardless whether the known or not it is truly a service to the Souls peaceful transition..

Everyone says “be at or in peace” It is truly meant logically to soothe Oneself….You see the dead are dead, to You…..But the ones with “eyes” to see and the “nose” to know can feel that this is not the last journey….It is Self-evident, Why the instincts for humans to cry, wail and weep for the Dead...It is instinctively inherent within and it is imprinted on the Soul.…The Soul hurts because of the Sadness and Ignorance of the true Reality of its friend…..It is better to know now then not at all….

Death is a unconscious closure to consciousness and the next part of evolution....True Conscious Death will happen in the 7th Cycle of the Race of Man…..We are on the Cusp! Death, according to our Temple records is simply a Transition to the next Level of Existence!..…Yes! there are several existences….This Level of existence is designed for the Human Race as part of the evolutionary cycle of Re-Incarnation and Yes! You are the sum of many Incarnations..….Although many are ignorant of this fact too, but it is Real!….You Know This!…..Universal Laws requires constant change and refinement of the Soul and there is no such thing as Permanence accept Impermanence….Not many Species are given this gift…..The Human Species in particular was given the Spark of Live Intelligence so to speak to cultivate and develop freewill choice to continue living in a physical body that has been designed with inherent and innate information in our DNA system….You Know This!….It is ensconced in Grace with physical,emotional and spiritual capabilities to thrive throughout our lives until the ultimate end……Just because it is not seen like Air does not mean it does not exist…..When you are Aware you feel its presence called “Inklings….Like Air that gives Breath, Knowledge is Gnosis it illuminates the divine sparks in all of us and that is how Intelligence manifests…..

Death has no timetable it shows up constantly and dutifully when you least expect, it will stare you in the face and like Truth many fear and go into Denial, But the Mind is cunning and quickly dismisses it as an Illusion the biggest Lie….

Just remember Life is a Continuum of Infiniteness in the Universe and that We are but an Atomic Particle…..We simply return to the Source after All is Done……SeriMaha DewiRani Kumari Ibumiriam...

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