The Quickening

In these days of Spiritual Enlightenment and Communication technology…Humanity’s “quickening” Consciousness has accelerated at an unprecedented rate….There is an incredible increase in the enlightening processes all over the world….The present prevailing conditions has shifted the Consciousness that is conducive to the Betterment of the Human Race….Humanity has Awakened the Amnesiacs from the great “Sleep” and many will awaken with Bodhisatvah Intelligence and these will serve as Guides for the transition into the incoming Upliftment of Spiritual Consciousness….Enlightenment will be delivered to all that are capable to hold the Vibration…..It is not reserved , anymore just for Teachers and Masters who are Bodhisatvahs by their own merits, but for the Self Evolution of the 6th Cycle in the Natural processes of the evolution of the human race… ..

.SeriMaha DewiKumari Ibumiriam….

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