Present Moment Now.

About the Present Moment Now….Be Mindful!.….Never forget about the Past…It has brought you all the Way to this Point…So that you may continue forward towards the Future to Be in the Present moment now….You may stop at the Present moment but you still have to Breathe….Life continues to flow with or without you unceasingly into the Future, the Past and at Present…..Being in the Present moment too long and you miss the Boat of Life….Present Moment Now was a favoured Euphemism used by the New Age Community to remind themselves not to stay too long...It was difficult to extricate Oneself from this Illusion….So many unfortunates are still stuck in this old Paradigm…..This too has Passed!…..

Ah-Huum-Sa-Nah…Peace and Goodwill!….SeriMaha DewiKumari Padmini Ibumiriam…..

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