Doubt and Fear

Encountering these 2 parasites Doubt and Fear are the most debilitating and destabilizing influences that was created for Intimidation and Dis-At-Ease-Ment of the Mind....These were two major factors that had run the Planet for the past thousands of years to control Humanity and still does….The Powers that be, both seen and unseen has seen the downfalls and beginnings of so many civilizations…..We cannot be complacent and acquiscent or this will create imbalances that are quickly taken advantage off…That will cause a downward spiral to Descension…like the recent “insurgence” in Washington DC…

As we evolve and gain back our Sovereignty…We have become actualized Beings and are more receptive to our uplifted conscious minds that we can now rapidly becoming aware everyday and moment with advanced communication to serve us well….. we have better tools and skills to develop and cultivate our intelligence….This is a Test to the Upliftment of the Human Race…..This is an opportune time to overcome this Challenge and we will not bend to these Terrorist Act…..

Why are we allowing this to transpire?…..Has 911 not taught us anything ,most importantly this has transpired by Americans on American soil of this great country.…….

Apparently we still require another lesson and It is a provocation to see how far we will tolerate this Hooliganism.…We must, take advantage with expediency root out these parasitic and belligerent Bullies before America is taken advantage off again and spiral down into the mayhem of Descension…..Looks like Homeland Security has lapsed into Inertia and is in name only……. I truly do not Comprehend! Are we to have faith in the Powers that be?….. We have Terrorism happening right on our Doorsteps…..and any kind of Terrorism is Still Terrorism!…..This is a good opportunity for Mr Biden to show and practice his Maganimity as Leader.…. I suppose this is also a part of the lesson to develop discernment to better place the best leaders that we can have in office..….

The Best Leaders are the ones that have travelled far and wide around the world who has acquired an extensive and expanded knowledge of the diverse peoples of several cultures….After all we do live in a Multicultural and Diverse Planet.….

In this Multi Diverse World why don’t we look to our own Alienation of our People and get to know and seek knowledge down here First, in our world , instead of looking beyond for UFO’s and other Alien Life…..We will eventually but not at this Time…..The Human Race is not ready yet for this Knowledge.….. We have been looking all our lives for the great mysteries and answers to the Why, When, Whom, and Past Future and the Present…..We must be ready and reach the required Shift of Self-Evolution first to earn this Future knowledge of the Cosmos and other Cultures of higher Beings and there are Speices beyond understanding……..We are truly entering an era of of Self Evolution and Enlightenment is for all Conscious Humanity not just reserved for Masters anymore….No, we have not reached Divinity yet as so many out there think the “wanna be” Gods….Ascension can bring you a smidgen of the taste of divinity, But your Soul still got a long ways to Godhead…The rate of a fully realized Conscious Human is still low, altough it does look promising because of the fast growing numbers of Awakened Ones….….

Many Attempts has been done to enlighten Human Beings by incredible Teachers of Higher Consciousness….Many Teachers of various thought,religion and philosophy has come and gone throughout the ages….

The last Master to establish this “work” was Yeshua the Christ symbolized at the Dispensation of the “Holy Spirit” upon the Apostles…To put it simply the gift of Raising the Consciousness of Humanity….Every Individual will recieve his/her due of this Compensation……..Blaming Ignorance is Futile these days….Although some individuals on the planet still require this lesson to continue its karmic redemption cycles…..We must believe that our Compassion will assist in the Upliftment of the Consciousness of Humanity.…..To each his own Time and Space …..We have the power to make rapid transformations but first our Mindsets must shift to allow the Reality of today to pass…

As in every ordeal “This too shall Pass”.….Gratefully and Graciously….SeriDewi Ibu Miri…

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