Father Sky and Mother Earth Song

“Through the eyes of the Child of the Universe”. This is a Communing Song dedicated every morning by the Temple Children in our School to honour the Sky and the Earth….After the Greeting we bowed before each other’s Radiance ,with a blessing by saying Nit-Sah! Nit-Sah!..With our little fingers in Mudra position between the thumb and pointer digits…Here it is….

Here me Oh Father and Mother, This is your Child…..

Behold, I am a Child of the Past, Living in the Present, Entering the Future…..

To Deliver my True Self…..

Emerging as the Master Pathfinder…..

On my Way Home to the Eternal of My Being…..

Therefore I Was, I Will, I AM!

And all that I AM is of Mother Father…

AH-HOOM-MA-SEH, NOW WE ARE ONE…Seri Maha Dewikumari Iburanimiri.

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