Covid A Teacher, A Spiritual Perspective.

I, Minfdully,Gracefully and Compassionately exit 2020 for lesson’s learned in Unity, Appreciation and Harmony with Family, Friends and Community.

I Welcome 2021 with a Notch raised in my Consciousness to BECOME Aware and Mindful2021 is the year of the Ox…We can remove our burdened Yolk and raise another Notch to allow our Sovereignty to Higher level’s to Tell-A-Vision instead of Television, where you are constantly being fed and bombarded by Consumerism…..Covid was a neccesary Teacher that Woke us up……Covid was a Mirror and Symbol that reflected our Discontent and Dis-at-ease-ment….It was the Desire to Shift and Change our Perceptions and Perspective…..It was also an Opportunity for great Reflection and Contemplation….A Humbling experience in Appreciation……It United and Harmonized Families, Friendships,Communities and the World…..We have gained an Advantage…..And earned Enlightenment….We can now focus on important issues and find innovative ways ( not imitate but innovate) for resolution….The Old Paradigm is Obsolete..….

America pulled itself together by its Bootstraps….. We are at an advantage after many months of Quarintine and Reflection we are ready to reconsider and SHIFT our Priorities and Focus….During quarintine we have learned to spend less, buy less, eat less and Consumption took a long awaited rest…..We survived Right?...A piece of cake….

Americans are powerful strong tenacious people known for their Endurance and that is why we still have our Country…..It will always be built for the people, by the people and held on tenaciously by “We The People”

Americans are also known for their great Compassion and Kindness including their hilarious Humour…. Their famous Generosity has travelled around the world…

We must Focus our ATTENTION! on abating our Consumption Habits of Extravagance and Waste...At present we have created a Society of Consumerism….It is Heard all over the World….. We must be fully Aware and Heed the rapidly depleted and diminished Natural resources and bounties of both Land and Sea…

Dying Oceans are being rapidly transformed into Dumping Grounds for our extravagant consumption and waste….We have condemned and displaced several land and ocean species due to our Callousness by this Horrendous Act….

Reconsider the Dire Inaction and Inevitable Consequences of Consumption….

Ah-Hoom-Sa-Nah….Peace and Goodwill…May the Kwan Yin Favour us with Blessings of Compassion…….Seri Maha Dewikumari Iburanimiri…

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