New Age Vampires

In the heyday of the New Age Movement, I made my rounds too at New Age events and gatherings as a Discerned Observer….I came across a table filled with various “enlightened information” by every new age Guru or Guide…..Around these tables stood hungry seekers of Truth….A Cornucorpea of Doughnuts and Granola Bars…..Including the Flies…..

The Doughnuts presented themselves as smart dressed, naive ” fluffy and sugary” with see through black holes……Dismal Beings….( Beware of the Sugar Illusion, one of Life’s major Dis-At-Ease-ment ) These individuals are insatiable for Knowledge and make their rounds at every information table…..Their Minds like sponges overloaded with knowledge are spent and quickly Fall Asleep again.…..When they wake up again they wonder at the loss and “emptiness” of their being…..During sleep their consciousness have transformed into Zombies of the New Age…. For just a little while…..This Confusion can be turned around once the Intelligence kicks in…….

Our Minds are amazing storage containers….Ever wonder where all the endless Mindless Zombie Movies came from?…..In this age of rapid Computer Enlightenment and Collective Reflection It is also our attemt to right this Projection of a Deflected Distortion….It is also an insight into the Consciousness of unstable minds that resist change for the better….

The Granola Bars Family are the Fruits, the Nuts,and the Flakes…..Where there is food there are flies….The Food is the Lifeblood of the Guru and Guides…..These Flies de-energize and are a dis-service to the Work…..These individuals are knowledge Hunters and Vampires, unlike True Seekers….They visit for a quick deceitful Fix to lighten their burdensome Karmic Crosses….

However, even a fly is Sentient and must still go through the Universal proccess of change from Low to High….Not a Zombie

The Teacher must be ever Vigilant to constantly portray and radiate The Light of Truth to these Presences to survive the battle of Consciousness and banish the Flies back to their level of Existence….

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