Healing of Minds.

It is A Conscious and ongoing J.O.B..joy of being, A Re-Pairing to its Original healthy true Self….It takes Time…..Time is gracious and the greatest Healer……An undertaking of great patience and persistence of enlightening information of Oneself…..With faster information available to us now on our table, we are enabled to move on quicker and can choose and feast on the “cornicorpea of betterment” teckniques….. Inevitably we must confront and consult the Master within ourselves…..You are the Master Navigator of your Realm in the Sea of Unconsciousness and Redundancy…..YOU KNOW THIS!

Healing fractured tortured psyches and relationships of all kinds are a true work in progress eventually leading to success….Healing is a powerfully important and valuable essential force that fortifies the Upliftment of the Mind…..When the Mind has not healed it becomes Chaotic…..

We percieve events intially with preconcieved inklings of good, bad,ugly……We carry these concepts that are buried deep in our DNA that cause deep emotional scars transforming into Carbuncles which are difficult to remove no matter how many therapy sessions you have passed through……..Some experiences can trigger abruptly and disturb your “WAH” Your wellness of TAO!….The consequences manifest eternal pain and regret …Until the acceptance of Change.

The Luggage of emotional burden we tend to carry can be tricksy just to assuage our fears of guilt or sacrifice decieving our well being that confuses us into complacency as it pollute and contaminate our instincts of “good feeling” perception and disrupt all relationships with everybody and everything around us regardless, living or dying…..That is why there remains still, imbalances of Millions of high function individuals with a sincere desire to Shift forwards but cannot move beyond a redundant and “carbuncled” Mind impeding Success and Potential.….So many opportunities missed for a chance at conscious living of a good Life……We can choose to Recreate the Concepts and move to a better holistic perception of life….We have the CHOICE…To…..G.O.I….GET OVER IT and Shift Immediately….Out of Mind!….Out of Place!…..With a snap Input into your Consciuosness to Shift gently, into Graciousness and Compassion..Ah-Hum-Sa-Nah…Peace and Goodwill!...The Dhayani Chohan Ibumiri.

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