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The Great Ultimate Inevitability…

The Mind, Body, Spirit Experience of Life’s last Journey and Path is the passage of Death, the great Ultimate Reality and Inevitability…..Death( mind) is Simply a Transition( body) to the next Level of Existence( spirit) and the Soul merges with Spirit again untill the next Existence….. This Journey is also referred to as the “ClosureContinue reading “The Great Ultimate Inevitability…”

Present Moment Now.

About the Present Moment Now….Be Mindful!.….Never forget about the Past…It has brought you all the Way to this Point…So that you may continue forward towards the Future to Be in the Present moment now….You may stop at the Present moment but you still have to Breathe….Life continues to flow with or without you unceasingly intoContinue reading “Present Moment Now.”

The Quickening

In these days of Spiritual Enlightenment and Communication technology…Humanity’s “quickening” Consciousness has accelerated at an unprecedented rate….There is an incredible increase in the enlightening processes all over the world….The present prevailing conditions has shifted the Consciousness that is conducive to the Betterment of the Human Race….Humanity has Awakened the Amnesiacs from the great “Sleep” andContinue reading “The Quickening”

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